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William Garnes - Undergraduate Student

WEB 2720
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advisor Dr. Bei Wang Phillips


I am a Senior at the University of Utah currently working on my bachelors in Computer Science (EAE emphasis). I have lived in the Utah for 2 years and I am originally from Richmond, Texas. This is my first year taking part in research, but I have also been a Teaching Assistant and a camp instructor for GREAT Camp which is held by the University of Utah's School of Computing during the summer break period. My choice to study computer science came from my interests in playing video games growing up, and wanting to make them as a career.

Current Responsibilities

I currently am an undergraduate research assistant for Professor Bei Wang Phillips. I am working on creating tools for visual data analysis using tools like D3(JavaScript) and HTML.

Research Interests

My biggest interest in Computer Science is video game development, however I am currently doing research in Data Analysis and Visualization.