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J. Davison de St. Germain

J. Davison de St. Germain - SCI Chief Software Engineer, C-SAFE

WEB 4847
phone (801)581-4078
fax (801) 585-6513
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  • M.S. in C.S., University of Utah
  • Senior Associate SE, Loral
  • Associate SE, IBM Federal Systems
  • B.S. in C.S., New Mexico State University, 1991

Current Responsibilities

As the SCI Institute's Chief Software Engineer, I am responsible for organizing and managing most of the SCI staff researchers and developers. I oversee schedules and tasks for the NCRR BioPSE and C-SAFE CS effort and coordinate with SCI staff scientists to ensure that their SCIRun project needs are met. I also lead the SCI documentation effort that includes maintaining User/Developer manuals for SCIRun/BioPSE as well as SCIRun/BioPSE tutorials, FAQs, etc. Once in a while I also get to spend a few minutes digging into complex C++ code.

Research Interests

  • Graphics
  • Distributed Interactive Simulation
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Massive Parallel Processing
  • Problem Solving Environments