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Chase Provost

Chase Provost - Undergraduate Research Assistant

MEB 1464
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advisor Dr. Benjamin Ellis


I am from Saint George, Utah and have lived in the Salt Lake area for the last 3 years, working towards a degree in biomedical engineering. For the last year and a half I have worked as an intern at Bard Access Systems on the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering team, optimizing and qualifying processes for injection molded parts.

Current Responsibilities

  • Developing finite element models of pediatric craniocervical junction (CCJ).
    • Specifically looking at Kinematic response (range of motion etc.) of the pediatric CCJ.
  • Comparing the CCJ kinematics between the pediatric and adult CCJ.
  • Performing convergence studies ( changing mesh element type, number etc.)
  • Performing image segmentation of CT scans of the cervical spine

Research Interests

  • Mechanosensitivity of cells and tissues
  • Regenerative Medicine